Industry Expertise

Milner York’s industry expertise spans the USA and APAC.

All projects are run by our our local market experts in either the US or Australia. The following provides selected highlights of Milner York’s projects. The client names have been removed.

All work performed by Milner York is client confidential and subject to NDA. The following project extracts are published with client approval.

Digital & Technology

  • An Australian publisher engaged Milner York to manage the strategy and build of a new cloud-based platform for managing user subscriptions for content and services.

Data & Analytics

  • A privately owned data and analytics company with offices in San Francisco engaged Milner York to identify how they could leverage their exclusive data as part of a potential move into the provision of data for media targeting and digital advertising.
  • A partner from Milner York sits on the advisory board for a major US University and their executive education program in Data.

Advertising Technology (AdTech)

  • A US-based VC backed AdTech company engaged Milner York to assist with developing a business plan for international expansion into the APAC-region. Milner York also assisted with establishing and hiring the foundational team for the new APAC office.

Media & Entertainment

  • An Australian ASX listed entertainment company engaged Milner York to conduct a strategic review of their digital strategy. Milner York is also engaged on an ad-hoc basis to review potential strategic investments.
  • A partner from Milner York sits on the industry advisory board of global digital content conference.

Marketing & Advertising

  • A partner from Milner York is engaged on an ongoing basis to provide marketing and advertising strategy, planning, and activation for major US advertisers.


  • An Australian publicly listed healthcare company appointed a Partner of Milner York as a Non-Executive Director to lead digital governance for the organization.

Retail & eCommerce

  • A publicly listed retailer engaged Milner York on a multi-year contract to review their loyalty card offering and develop a policy and procedure framework for licensing data to suppliers and 3rd parties.


  • A US-based early-stage startup engaged Milner York to provide strategic advice around product strategy, technology service and to develop an initial social media and community presence.

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